Coldplay/Future Sounds with Annie Mac

(PRO/AUD SHOT 153 min.)

*Radio 1's Future Sounds with Annie Mac, Maida Vale Studios, London, England November 27 2019

01.Guns/02.Orphans/03.Daddy/04.Lovers In Japan/05.Arabesque with Femi Kuti/06.Gypsy Woman/07.Everyday Life

Amman Citadel, Amman, Jordan November 23 2019

08.Sunrise/09.Church with Norah Shaqur/10.BrokEn/11.Trouble In Town/12.The Scientist/13.Arabesque with Femi Kuti/

14.Viva la vida/15.Orphans/16.Èkó/10.Yellow/17.Guns/18.Something Just Like This

*Natural History Museum, London, England November 25 2019

19.Sunrise/20.Church with Norah Shaqur/21.Trouble In Town/22.BrokEn/23.Lovers In Japan/24.Fix You/25.Daddy/

26.Arabesque with Femi Kuti/27.When I Need A Friend/28.Viva la vida/29.Orphans/30.Cry Cry Cry/31.A Sky Full Of Stars/

32.Guns/33.Sparks/34.Champion Of The World/35.Everyday Life