Liam Gallagher/Why Me? Why Not. Tour in Melbourne

(AUD SHOT 103 min.)

*Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne, Australia December 11 2019

01.Manchester City Champions Chant/Fuckin' In The Bushes/02.Rock 'n' Roll Star/03.Shockwave/04.Wall Of Glass/

05.Morning Glory/06.Columbia/07.Stand By Me/08.The River/09.Gas Panic!/10.Wonderwall/11.Acquiesce/12.Roll With It/

13.Cigarettes & Alcohol/14.Supersonic

*Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane, Australia December 6 2019

15.Rock 'n' Roll Star/16.Stand By Me/17.Gas Panic!/18.Wonderwall/19.Acquiesce/20.Roll With It/21.Supersonic/

22.Champagne Supernova/23.Cigarettes & Alcohol