Jackson Browne/2019 Full Band Electric Tour at The Beacon Theatre

  (AUD SHOT 205 min.)

*Beacon Theatre, New York, NY June 24 2019


01.I'm Alive/02.Take It Easy/03.The Pretender/04.Enough Of The Night/05.The Long Way Around/06.Tender Is The Night/

07.A Human Touch with Leslie Mendelson/08.These Days/09.Mohammed's Radio with Lucius/10.The Dreamer/

11.Lives In The Balance/12.Walls And Doors/13.Doctor My Eyes/14.Somebody's Baby/15.I'll Do Anything/

16.In The Shape Of A Heart/17.Running On Empty with Lucius/18.Dusty Trails [a Lucius song] with Lucius/

19.City Of Immigrants with Lucius/20.I Am A Patriot with Lucius/21.The Waiting with Lucius



01.A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes/02.Right Down The Line/03.Almost Makes Me Wish For Rain/04.Feels Like S Curse/

05.Go Home/06.Turn It Around/07.Willin' with Jackson Browne/08.Two Of Us On The Run/09.Woman

*Beacon Theatre, New York, NY June 23 2019

10.Somebody's Baby

*Beacon Theatre, New York, NY June 26 2019

11.Willin' with Lucius/12.Running On Empty with Lucius/13.I Am A Patriot with Lucius

*Beacon Theatre, New York, NY June 28 2019

14.I'm Alive/15.These Days/16.Mohammed's Radio with Lucius/17.Somebody's Baby/18.City Of Immigrants with Lucius