s SHADES t1150

Disc 1: 1981-1985 (72:27)
KILLER WORLD TOUR 1981:1. Remember Tomorrow (Italy 1981)/ROCK POP FESTIVAL 1983:2. The Number Of The Beast (Dortmund 17th December 1983)/3. Iron Maiden (Dortmund 18th December 1983)/WORLD SLAVERY TOUR 1984-1985:4. Churchill's Speech/Aces High (Warsaw 9th August 1984)/5. The Trooper (Lodz 10th August 1984)/6. 22 Acacia Avenue (Lodz 10th August 1984)/7. The Number Of The Beast (Worclaw 12th August 1984)/8. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Katowice 14th August 1984)/9. 2 Minutes To Midnight (Budapest 17th August 1984)/10. Run To The Hills (Budapest 17th August 1984)/11. Murders In The Rue Morgue (Hammersmith Odeon 12th October 1984)/12. Losfer Words (Big fOrra) (Hammersmith Odeon October 1984)/13. Running Free (Single Edit)(Long Beach 17th March 1985)/14. Sanctuary (Long Beach 17th March 1985)/15. Smoke On The Water (Unknown Wedding Party 1984)

Disc 2: 1988-1993/1999 (79:23)
MONSTERS OF ROCK 1988:1. The Prisoner (Donington 20th August 1988)/2. Heaven Can Wait (Donington 20th August 1988)/3. The Clairvoyant (Donington 20th August 1988)/
NO PRAYER ON THE ROAD 1990:4. Tailgunner (Wembley Arena 17th December 1990)/5. Holy Smoke (Wembley Arena 17th December 1990)/6. The Assassin (Wembley Arena 17th December 1990)/7. No Prayer For The Dying (Wembley Arena 17th December 1990)/8. Public Enema Number One (Wembley Arena 17th December 1990)/9. Hooks In You (Wembley Arena 17th December 1990)/FEAR OF THE DARK/REAL LIVE TOUR 1992-1993:10. Wasted Years (Bremen 16th April 1993)/11. Wrathchild (Helsinki 27th August 1992)/
THE ED HUNTER TOUR 1999:12. Churchill's Speech/Aces High (Milan 23rd September 1999)/13. Wasted Years (Milan 23rd September 1999)/14. Man On The Edge (Milan 23rd September 1999)/15. Futureal (Helsinki 15th September 1999)/16. Powerslave (Barcelona 25th September 1999)/17. Killers (Rotterdam 9th October 1999)

Disc 3: 2002-2019 (72:37)
CLIVE BURR BENEFIT CONCERT 2002:1. The Wicker Man (Brixton Academy March 2002)/2. The Number Of The Beast (Brixton Academy March 2002)/3. Children Of The Damned (Brixton Academy March 2002)/4. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Brixton Academy March 2002)/EDDIE RIPS UP THE WORLD TOUR 2005:5. Murders In The Rue Morgue (Egilshollin 7th June 2005)/6. Another Life (Egilshollin 7th June 2005)/7. Prowler (Egilshollin 7th June 2005)/A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH TOUR 2006:8. Different World (Aalborg 9th November 2006)/9. The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg (Copenhagen 10th November 2006)/10. Fear Of The Dark (Copenhagen 10th November 2006)/11. Iron Maiden (Copenhagen 10th November 2006)/THE BOOK OF SOULS WORLD TOUR 2016:12. Death Or Glory (Unknown Dates 2016)/LEGACY OF THE BEAST WORLD TOUR 2018:13. Run To The Hills (Unknown Dates 2018)/14. Flight Of Icarus (Unknown Dates 2018)