s UXBRIDGE t1198
Disc 1 (59:09)
1. Purple Haze Intro/2. Carlos Guitar Intro/3. Up The Hill Backwards/4. Glass Spider/5. Up The Hill Backwards (reprise)/6. Day-In Day-Out/7. Bang Bang/8. Absolute Beginners/9. Loving The Alien/10. China Girl/11. Fashion/12. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)/13. All The Madmen/14. Never Let Me Down

Disc 2 (59:45)
1. Big Brother/2. '87 And Cry/3. "Heroes"/4. Time Will Crawl/5. Band Introductions//6. Beat Of Your Drum/7. Sons Of The Silent Age/8. Dancing With The Big Boys/9. Zeroes/10. Let's Dance/11. Fame/12. Blue Jean/13. Modern Love

Live at Roker Park, Sunderland, UK 23rd June 1987