Sting/iHeartRadio L!VE

(PRO SHOT 68 min.)

*iHeartRadio L!VE, iHeartRadio Theater LA, Burbank, CA January 28 2020

01.Introduction by Ellen K/02.The Last Ship/03.Q&A with by Ellen K/04.Shipyard/05.Q&A with by Ellen K/

06.Message In A Bottle/07.Englishman In New York/08.Q&A with by Ellen K


10.August Winds with Frances McNamee

11.Dead Man's Boots

12.If You Ever See Me Talking To A Sailor with Frances McNamee

13.The Night The Pugilist Learned How To Dance with Oliver Savile

14.When We Dance with Oliver Savile & Frances McNamee

15.Every Breath You Take

Global Citizen Prize 2019 December 13 2019

16.Message In A Bottle with H.E.R.

Jimmy Kimmel Live JJanuary 24 2020

17.What Have We Got

The Late Late Show with James Corden Jamuary 27 2020

18.The Last Ship