s ZODIAC t366

Disc 1(69:29)
1. NM 156/2. Screaming In Digital/3. The Whisper/4. Walk In The Shadows/5. Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion)/6. London/7. No Sanctuary/Operation: Mindcrime:/8. I Remember Now/9. Anarchy-X/10. Revolution Calling/11. Operation: Mindcrime /12. Speak/13. Spreading The Disease/14. The Mission/15. The Needle Lies/16. Electric Requiem/17. Breaking The Silence

Disc 2(71:52)
1. I Don't Believe In Love/2. Eyes Of A Stranger/3. Queen Of The Reich/4. The Lady Wore Black

The Empire Demos:5. Instrumental Jam #1/6. The Thin Line #1/7. Hand On Heart #1/8. Jet City Woman/9. Instrumental Jam #2/10. The Thin Line #2/11. Anybody Listening? /12. Hand On Heart #2/13. Last Time In Paris

Live at Nippon Seinenkan, Tokyo, Japan 7th May 1989